How to Reduce Computer Start Up Time

12 Apr


It’s inevitable, you’re computer is going to get bogged down through every day use. It can happen for many reasons but mostly because of programs and services that have been installed in the past and occupy what’s called a startup entry. No need to fear, though because it’s pretty easy to reduce the time it takes to boot up Windows

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a much better operating system compared to its previous versions, where the startup time alone took a long time just to start the basic programs. Nevertheless, when you add more and more programs in Windows 7 it will tend to slow up your computer. To reduce or improve your computer startup time, Locker Gnome gives excellent tips such as the following:

  • Adding a Solid State drive (SSD) instead of regular SATA drives, SSDs are much faster
  • Remove Ghosted drives that you no longer use, you can do this yourself as mentioned in the article or use a program like GhostBuster
  • Remove the programs you don’t need to start during startup by using MSCONFIG utility in the computer. Type “MSCONFIG” in Start search menu, it will open the utility, go to “Startup” tab (as shown in picture above) and disable the programs you don’t need.
  • Defragment the device at least once a week according to Locker Gnome.
Do you use any other steps to improve the speed of your computer?



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